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Twitter’s Information Retrieval and Medical Professionals Although Twitter is most commonly thought of as one of the largest, most popular social networks, in many ways it has evolved to become an information network as well. The article linked above expands on the role that Twitter played during the Zika virus outbreak and the social media website’s growing importance to medical […]

Google’s Innovations in Web Marketing In the article, “Google Connects Display Ads To Store Visits And TV Ads To Brand Searches,” published last month, Forbes contributor Robert Hof details how Google is innovating online ad marketing. The increase in advertising opportunities from physical stores to online and mobile platforms presents unique challenges for advertisers. Google has studied the patterns […]

RichRelevance Introduces Find

As we discussed in class, search engines use a variety of algorithms to rank authoritative pages based on a query, a prominent example being PageRank. However, real search engines are considerably more complex. For one, they constantly have to update their internal algorithms to avoid being taken advantage of by the search engine optimization industry. […]

Matching Markets in Online Dating

In this news article from The Economist, digital dating signs are deconstructed in terms of economics and algorithms to predict and facilitate mutual attraction. The authors compare searching for “the one” to hunting for a job. Each job has pros and cons just as every person has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, […]

American and Chinese Audiences Competing for Hollywood

As it stands now, Hollywood is the largest and most profitable producer of motion pictures in the world. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spend on tens of films each year by major studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., Universal and the like. Spending these huge amounts of cash, the studios expect to see a […]

Search Engine and SEO

Search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and etc, rank the relevant page to the search by complex algorithms to best response to what the user want to find.  These algorithms are significantly complicated for human to calculate because it includes numerous factor, which is defined on a scale of priority. The areas of the […]

Google’s Criteria for Ranking Stories on Google News

  While standard searches can rely on ranks calculated on a less frequent basis, news search ranks must be updated very frequently in order to stay up-to-date with the constant stream of new information. Google News has become the largest news source on the internet, gathering and spreading news from around the world. On a […]

Power in Social Networks and Politics With the upcoming election right around the corner, the presidential candidates are neck and neck (according to CNN, Clinton is at 47% and Trump is at 42%) in a fight to scramble to the finish line. One of the most powerful ways that candidates can publicize their campaign and make sure they are well-liked […]

Medicine, Medical Consultations, and Game Theory

Medicine and Game Theory   We’ve discussed in class the past few weeks the importance of game theory and the number of applications that it has in the world. Primarily, game theory is used in biology, economics, political science, psychology, and computer science. However, I would like to delve into the uses of game theory […]

When in doubt, let the price mechanism prevail

In economics, the rule of thumb is to let the price mechanism balance the market. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and equality, the market must clear in a way where every consumer receives an item based on their valuation for that particular item. In the case of Alabama, a leak in a gas pipeline […]

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