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The Impact of NAFTA on Domestic and International Markets

The effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement have culminated to the extreme interdependence of the markets of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The North American Free Trade Agreement, abbreviated as NAFTA, came into force on January 1, 1994. The agreement allows companies to transport goods and materials across the borders with relative […]

Trade Deficits

Article This, in addition to being a little politically motivated, also shows another aspects to trades and exchanges between countries that is another interesting aspect to take into account. This is the idea of trade deficits. Take a world where two countries are trading. One country makes cars while the other makes bananas. Suppose CarNation […]

Modernizing the Marketplace: Artificial Intelligence in Trading The rapid switch to artificial intelligence is a common theme nowadays, with companies seeking to make their job easier—and perhaps less foolproof—by using the purely computational mind of a computer.  In the midst of this modernization is a trading company – XTX.  A recent article in Bloomberg reports that XTX Markets, Ltd, a growing […]

Making a case for Structural Balance in the 2016 Election

Republican Party Nominee Donald Trump has been causing a frenzy in this year’s elections. From statements such as “Avoiding taxes make me intelligent”, to “We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it”, to statements that may qualify as sexual assault, Trump has caused many Americans to feel insulted and sickened. Despite all this, his […]

Bargaining post-Brexit trade deals: worse even than “project fear” Nearly four months after the United Kingdom’s referendum vote in which 51.9% of voters elected to withdraw from the European Union, the world spotlight remains on British PM Theresa May and her future course of action. However, before the referendum vote and Theresa May, former PM David Cameron was lobbying to keep his nation […]

Flagship Smartphone Matching Market   As another recent blog post pointed out, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been catching on fire and and exploding since their initial distribution to customers. The situation is particularly damaging to Samsung’s reputation because their replacement phones, despite the promise to fix the defect, continue to burst into flames, and this situation […]

Facebook as a Search Engine

While search engines such as Google or Bing obviously use some type of hubs and authorities idea, a less obvious site that also implements this is Facebook. Recently, Facebook has been making many changes to it’s search engine. According to TechCrunch, it is now ready to “challenge Google and Twitter for the control of real-time […]

Nasdaq’s dominant role in trading network

Reference: According to the Wall Street Journal, one of the world’s largest high-frequency trading firms, Virtu Financial Inc. recently proposed a criticizing proposal to Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) about Nasdaq Inc.’s raising price for its market data service. The “Ultra” service, which required trading firms to pay additional fees to obtain information processor, is operated by Nasdaq. […]

SpaceX Lands a Military Contract   This article describes a new contract that SpaceX was awarded from the US Air Force. SpaceX was awarded $82.7 million dollars to launch and put into orbit a gps satellite. This new contract is significant for both SpaceX and the US military, as previously there was a military launch monopoly held by Boeing and […]

AI is changing SEO faster than you think

Article Link: In the article, Artificial Intelligence is changing SEO faster than you think, author John Rampton discusses how Google’s new AI machine learning algorithm RackBrain is highly impacting the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry. RackBrain operates on the search result level and customizes Google’s core algorithms for each specific search. When RackBrain operates, it groups “good” […]

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