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Game Theory Applied to the GOP   With just over a month left until the election, this year’s presidential race continues to dominate the news cycles as it has for months. One of the prevalent ongoing stories has been the fluctuating tensions within the GOP. Many prominent Republicans have wavered in their support for Donald Trump after a series of scandals […]

An Analysis of Charity Auctions and Punching Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli is a name not commonly associated with charity, Mr. Shkreli revered as the most hated man in America by many, was behind price hikes exponentially increasing the cost of the life-saving medications of his company. However, last month he made an endearing proposition on twitter to auction off a “slap/punch” to benefit the family […]

Stop ISIS With Game Theory?

Nearly everyday I hear people talking about ISIS or read a news article about recent developments with them. The acts of these violent extremists have wakened the world to the presence of terrorism and united multiple countries in an effort to end ISIS and their acts of terrorism. In the past the dominant military strategy […]

Why is Google Search so fast?

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine out there.  For any query you make, you are always certain to find very useful resources on the first page.  It can do this because it searches the whole web and ranks them in some order.  The whole web? Really?  The last time I searched something on google, […]

Ranking Algorithms in the Context of Dating Apps

Increasingly, people are relying on dating applications such as OKCupid, Zoosk, or (and by far the most common of the bunch,) Tinder to meet potential partners. While online dating was previously negatively stigmatized, its results speak for themselves – “Today, nearly half of the public knows someone who uses online dating or who has met […]

Dating apps and links

The advent of dating apps has revolutionized meeting potential dating partners. Tinder, a pioneer in the world of dating apps, has become notorious for not being used dating at all, but more like a game to see who finds you attractive. Hinge is a dating app that distinguished itself from Tinder initially by only matching […]

How Operating System AI’s make use of Page Rank to Organize your Life

Today, operating systems like Google’s Android, and Apple’s IOS employ artificial intelligence like Google Now and Siri in order to ease simple tasks such as planning one’s schedule and sending messages to friends.  Google Assistant, Google’s next venture in the world of AI, promises to make finding and sending information, and organizing one’s own data […]

Game Theory and the Election

This is one of the craziest elections in recent history. A year and half ago when the election season was just starting no one could have predicated what was to come of the election cycle. It seemed that it was going to be a simple election cycle. It was supposed to be predestined to be […]

Bargaining power of of suppliers in Fast Food industry

Fast food restaurants depend on their suppliers for items such as food products, packaging, napkins and restroom supplies. If the number of suppliers in one area is limited or if restaurants significantly outnumbers suppliers, it will often result in powerful suppliers, which means that the suppliers have big bargaining power. Furthermore, bigger bargaining power will […]

Market Clearing Prices During Hiring Process

We hear time and time again that we are living in a time period when software engineers are in high demand and that working in such a field is lucrative and will lead to great career prospects. So much so that Obama and organizations such as GirlsWhoCode are pushing for more students to learn computer […]

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