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Auctions: An up-and-coming feature in the Airline Industry

  The airline industry has recently started to use auctions as a way to generate more revenue for some of its respective companies.  Unfortunately, for the typical cost-conscious college student, it may not be that much of head-turner because airlines have decided to use auctions to allow some passengers to secure last-minute seat upgrades (rather than […]

Bing’s way of improving search accuracy

In networks class, we have learned how PageRank uses the power of the web as a network to display most accurate search results. Nowadays, besides popular search algorithms like PageRank, search engines are also using other methods to improve their search results. Bing uses clickstream/surf-stream to see what people are browsing, specially people who are […]

Optimal Driving Routes

Over the last few weeks, we discussed in class about the workings of traffic and how individual drivers affect the way traffic moves on certain routes. Traffic and optimal routes seem easy, but can be really complex due to people’s preferences and location. Two authors Marta Gonzalez and Antonio Lima describe a plethora of transportation […]

Images. Images everywhere! But how to rank them?

We’ve seen that page rankings depend on the analysis of links in the network. However, we search for more than web pages on a certain topic. Image searches form the natural extension for things people may want to look for on the web. The question then arises, how do search engines rank images? The difficulty […]

Is Shifting Away from Advertisements a Good Thing?

YouTube has been a large part of daily lives of people growing up in this digital age. Whether if it is to stream new music videos, watch comedies or watch online lessons, people always found YouTube to be the right place to go because everything was free and open with the simple cost of watching a […]

Making Online Shopping More Fluid and Organic

Many times, shoppers go into stores without knowing what they need or want. Modern consumerism thrives off of this idea. Americans rarely need everything they have. One of the biggest challenges that online retail stores face is replicating the aspect of shopping that appeals to the hobbyist consumer – the consumer that goes to the mall, […]

The World Wide Web Becomes More Connected

In this class, we learned about the link structure of the Web.  The Web can be viewed as a directed graph with the web pages as the nodes and links between the nodes as the directed edges.  Broder et al. looked at a subset of the Web in 1999 and found that there was a […]

Severe case of Information Cascade: Diet Fads

The effects of information cascade seem harmless at first. And it is also a tool that many use to make decisions efficiently. Often times we don’t have all the necessary time nor the necessary resources to have in-depth analysis on every decision we make. We make decisions partly on the decisions based on others. There […]

One of the core concepts we have been learning in class is how an unequal balance in power can lead to players having a bigger advantage. Is stock trading inherently unfair? Recent news has come out that has brought up some troubling implications    about banking, politics, and insider trading. Data analyzed has revealed that […]

Google PageRank Ruins the Web

In the year 2000 Google released a PageRank meter that enabled the users to see a PageRank score of any page that they were viewing. Google released the PageRank meter with the intent of allowing the users to see the quality of the page that they were viewing. The meter worked by giving each page […]

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