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Leveraging Power in Networks for Online Marketing

The main goal of online marketing is to promote a product to the online audience. However, there are different ways to optimize for this. For example, sometimes, a company may choose to target loyal customers who always come back, or other times a company may choose to target the specific demographic of young teenagers.  Either way, […]

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Invites Bids in License Auction Last month, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) invited prospective bidders to place bids on 40 expired restaurant licenses spanning 21 counties. While there is significant demand expected for these licenses, the PLCB is using this auction as a trial run, so that the organization can effectively evaluate the market’s reaction to sale. The […]

Power in Relationships

Bertram Russell, an English philosopher argued that power is fundamental to human relationships. As we’ve seen in class, there are interesting phenomena that occur when we introduce the notion of power into relationships. He argued that it is impossible to have a meaningful relationship with another person without some exchange of power and intimacy. In […]

Cooperation between Russia and Turkey: Network Exchanges

Link: World geopolitics are always shifting, but a particularly interesting change has recently occurred that will change the balance of power in the Middle East. Russia and Turkey, a NATO ally influential in the region, have recently grown much closer and more cooperative. Although both nations had been at odds with each other after Turkey downed a […]

Google’s Analysis of Network Structure to Determine Page Quality This post is targeted at people who manage websites, and is giving advice on how to improve the ranking of a website in Google’s search rankings. It explains the importance of seeking inbound links from other reputable websites to make Google think that you are a high quality website. This article simplifies Google’s algorithm […]

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