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Link Farming – the Shadier Side of SEO

Any place where there is money is to be made, you can be sure that there is someone out there trying to game the system to their advantage—the internet is no exception. Where one’s website appears on search engine searches can make or break a business. Think about it—how often do you venture past the first page […]

Using Hubs and Authorities to Make Chatting Robots More Interesting

Currently, there is a problem with chatting robots. They don’t bring up tangential conversational threads to the current conversation when the conversation becomes stale. Humans by instinct do bring up related tangents to keep the conversation going when the current topic of the conversation reaches an ending point with no other things to talk about. […]

Two Person, Zero Sum game Explains Indo-Pak Tensions

In light of the recent Uri attack and following surgical strike, the age old India-Pakistan conflict has once again broken headlines. It is no secret that the two nations have been feuding over Kashmir and other issues since their independence in 1947. A Eurasia Review article by Subrata Kumar Mitra analyses why the India-Pakistan Dialogue needs […]

Apple iAd fails to compete with Google and Facebook

In 2010, Steve Jobs announced the launch of iAd in attempt to redefine the mobile advertising game. The plan was that Apple would serve as an intermediary between developers and advertisers by allowing the seamless integration of in application advertisements. Developers would code in containers for specific ad specs and advertisers would dictate the types […]

Search’s Role in Today’s Consumers’ Path to Purchase Last summer, I worked for a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company where the notion of “going digital” permeated daily conversation. Prior to working in CPG, I had generally thought of consumer goods (anything from cereal to shampoo to cigarettes) as being sold only in brick-and-mortar stores with the exception of Amazon as a major online […]

The “search engine” in web 3.0

What exactly can web 3.0 offer since we already have an interactive web 2.0? According to the article, “Implementing Artificial Intelligence in different Web applications specifically search engines should be the next big thing and also one of the features of Web 3.0.” It doesn’t sound like we will experience a huge progress or revolution […]

Multi-location local SEO strategy: domain structure

In class, we stressed the importance of PageRank and how it helps web pages increase their visibility to customers. Specifically, search engines look at page rank and use it as a metric to choose which pages to show first for a given search query. In this article, columnist Andrew Beckman speaks about a strategy regarding […]

Do Experts Play the Ultimatum Game Better than College Students Do?

In class, we discussed bargaining on networks.  A simple example of bargaining we discussed in class is the ultimatum game, where person A proposed a split of a sum of money and player B can accept or reject A’s proposition.  If B accepts, they split the money, if B doesn’t accept, no one gets anything. […]

Beyond page rank algorithms: Facebook’s 2010 purchase of Octazen

This article discusses Facebooks 2010 purchase of a company known as Octazen. Octazen was a company known for scraping websites and creating cross company login pages on the internet. The purchase of Octazen by Facebook in 2010 was presented to the public by Facebook representatives as an acquisition of talent and engineers to work on […]

AT&T is Struggling to Keep Up

AT&T Is Buying Time Warner Because the Future is Google The media world is constantly evolving. The Telecommunications companies that have dominated the past half century are struggling to keep up. They all struggle find ways to stay relevant with an internet that provides endless amounts of content to users anywhere anytime. Comcast has acquired […]

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