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Traffic Congestion in India A flyover over the College of Engineering, Pune – an engineering college in Pune, Maharashtra, India – has been recently commissioned. Although the flyover intends to significantly improve traffic congestion in Pune, some traffic planning experts have raised doubts about the flyover’s potential to meet this goal. Previous flyovers that were constructed at universities […]

Why Your Website May Not Show Up in Google Search Search engines use a variety of factors to determine how to rank pages and if to show the pages. If your page does not show up on a search engine, it could be because of the following reasons: your site isn’t credible, your page does not focus on the topic you’re talking about, or […]

PageRank and Food Webs

In 2009, Drs. Stefano Allesina and Mercedes Pascual published a paper that discussed the application of PageRank to food webs, which are networks that depict which animals eat which in an ecosystem. They are interested in identifying the species that are likely to go extinct and evaluating the impact of those extinctions on the ecosystem. […]

Repeated Bargaining with Long-Run and Short-Run Players

In class so far, our discussion of trading has been limited to a single trade between two parties. In Gambling Reputation: Repeated Bargaining With Outside Options, the authors Jihong Lee and Qingmin Liu extend our classroom discussion by considering repeated bargaining. Specifically, they address the bargaining relationship between long-run players (such as large firms) and […]

Narrow network plans – saving, yes, but it’s also troubling Currently, insurers are offering more narrow network plans, which have annual premium lower than broader networks. A very narrow network covers care by less than 10% of the physicians while a normal to broad networks cover up to 60% of physicians. Records of people who switched to narrow network plans with Massachusetts Group Insurance […]

Bing vs. Google: SEO and Search Algorithms

Whenever discussing search engines, there is always the millennia-old debate of which is best and why. From Google and Bing, to Yahoo and (for brave souls) DuckDuckGo, the web is accessible through a countless number of engines, some arguably worse than others. However, what defines a search engine? What aspects of it’s design make it […]

Cost of Ads on Facebook

Like Google, Facebook generates revenue by charging money for advertisements. Facebook utilizes a bidding process where an advertiser sets the amount they are willing to pay for the ad. The cost for each advertisement depends on a variety of factors such as target audience, quality and time of the year. If many companies are targeting […]

Facebook Implements NEW Anti-Clickbait Algorithm…You Won’t BELIEVE What Happens Next!

Countless numbers of users fall prey to so-called “clickbait” articles every day. In fact, one’s personal Facebook newsfeed in particular probably contains many of these articles. This has led to many filing complaints against Facebook, spurring the social media site to improve its anti-clickbait defense. Facebook’s most recently updated algorithm is interesting; “rather than just assigning a binary ‘[clickbait]’ […]

Game Theory and Rock, Paper, Scissors This article focuses an interesting activity (sports? gambling?) that everyone is familiar with — the game rock-paper-scissors. It provides and focuses a research experiment done in an University in China; the university’s scholars attempt to analyze the strategic theories behind the game and debate upon the argument that whether there exists a strategy to […]

Game Theory in Penalty Kicks

Reference: Soccer penalty kicks is one of the most intriguing and suspenseful parts of the soccer game after a long, tiring 120 minutes of battle on the soccer pitch. While other sports, at crucial moments, usually employ complex, elaborate tactics to win over opposing teams, soccer is rather straightforward. Each penalty shot is a […]

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