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Soybean Scouting in Western New York

As wheat harvest comes to a close, my focus is now mainly on scouting the soybean fields of Ontario County. Beans are thriving and growing rapidly due to the warm weather, although drought is starting to become a factor for some farmers. Another piece of bad news is that Soybean Aphids are now infesting Western New York.

Soybean field of Jonathan Garman, one of the farmers participating in the Ontario County TAg program.

If I was to average the measurements of what I am seeing in the fields, plants are between the V3-V4 growth stage meaning that there is three to four fully branched leafs on each plant. Due to the warm weather plant viruses and bacteria infection problems have been scarce if present at all in fields. On the other hand insect pest are starting to become a higher problem.  Some of the pest that I am finding in the fields is Clover Worms, Japanese Beetles, Leaf Hoppers and Aphids. Spider Mites are also becoming a problem to some of the farmers. The Spider Mites increase is attributed to the warm temperatures and lack of precipitation. The plants that are being most affected are the ones closest to ditches and dirt roads or grassy banks. Spider Mites have sucking mouth parts, which drain the juices from the plants leaf leaving them to shrivel and die. This leaves the plant weak at the critical growth stage right before bean pod production. None of the fields that I have been scouting are above economic thresh hold, but with the plants continuing to develop I will have to keep a close watch to ensure thresh holds remain in a safe zone.

I have also been put in charge of monitoring the Ontario County Western Bean Cutworm trap, located on Harold Weavers farm in Gorham New York.  I have made three visits to see how many moths the trap is reeling in and the count is on the rise.  Starting with week one we had zero moths, the second week we had one moth, and this past week the trap was up to seven months.

Example of healthy nodule growth on Soybean plant.

Clover Worm, on of the pest that causes defoliation to Soybean plants.

Although a short report I will be reporting back soon with information I have gathered from the Musgrave Research Farm Field Day and continued reports of Soybean Scouting. Until next time!


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