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The North Korean Missile Crisis and What Game Theory Teaches Us

I have recently read Cornell University Professor Kaushik Basu’s article within Project Syndicate titled “The North Korean Missile Crisis” and within it Basu compares the current North Korean situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis. His claim is that the current status quo, in which the world is seeing nuclear instability from a feared nation-state has […]

How Does the Network Structure Affect Q&A Activities in Quora

Link: A basic function of the Internet is to provide us answers. We’ve been accustomed to searching on the Internet for what we want to know. But a problem seems to arise that, with the explosion of data, users get lost easily with the overwhelming information online. Thus, Q&A sites are created to help. […]

Structural Balance Applications Within Spongebob’s Network

A popular children’s T.V. show, Spongebob Squarepants provides an interesting case with respect to structural balance concepts. Within the show, we can find robust, amiable relationships along with unfriendly relationships. Casual viewers, or those simply remembering past episodes, may be able to name many relationships. I find that it is Sandy’s relationship with Squidward that […]

A Game Theory Analysis of Doklam Standoff

Recently, India, China and Bhutan are engaged in a standoff in the tri-junction area of the boundary of the three states in Doklam. It is believed that the current standoff could well turn into a military confrontation as both India and China have refused to budge. China has insisted that India pulling back from Chinese […]

The Prisoners’ Dilemma and Third-Party Voting

Link: One of the biggest problems I have with American politics is the two-party system, and I thought that one of the issues leading to a lack of votes for 3rd parties could be explained by the prisoner’s dilemma (illustrated by the last table in the linked article). In this scenario, the best option (representing […]

Gene Regulatory Networks

The first thing that people tend to think of when they hear the word “graph theory” is social networks. However, graph theory is applicable to more than just social media websites or person-person relations. In an article called Gene regulatory networks and the role of robustness and stochasticity in the control of gene expression, regulatory […]

Fake Networks Created By Spam

Source:   This article begins its discussion by talking about how a hacker was able to collect over 700 email accounts that were open and accessible in a server in the Netherlands. What is unique is the fact that this server is reported to contain the passwords to email addresses in a group where […]

Network Behind iPhone X

Behind the new iPhone X, there lies a global chain of components and technology suppliers that helped develop its parts such as batteries, memory chips, and 3D sensors. Its supply chain includes US companies like Intel, Broadcom,  Texas Instruments, and even UK companies like Dialog Semiconductor. These companies that provide essential parts to the iPhone […]

Finding a Job through Relations   Everybody wants a job. Everybody knows that networks and connections help you get jobs. Thus, one could deduct that the more people you know, the more likely you are to hear of a job opening. This is true, and in fact most people learn of new job openings through weak connections. However, the […]

The Structural Unbalance of “Bachelor in Paradise”

I enjoy the Bachelor franchise. Do I know that it’s a completely fabricated, scripted, planned out “reality” show? Yes I do. Do spend 2 hours each week screaming in frustration at the TV thinking that Nick or Rachel or Dean will listen to my input? Yes I do. While it’s easy to write off The […]

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