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Game Theory Says Pete Carroll’s Call at Goal Line Is Defensible Game theory analyzes strategic strategies for two rational decision-makers. Usually game theory is used by economists or people studying policy to analyze interactions between certain groups. These groups range from larges companies to the superpowers of the world like the United States and China. However, game theory can be used to analyze the smallest […]

Structural Balance in Political Ideology

Political Polarization & Media Habits   Over the past couple election cycles, it seems that America has increasingly become politically polarized and contentious. On top of ideologies becoming more consistent on both sides, social media and the different ways people tend to get their news have been exacerbating this shift if not causing it. This […]

Gift Giving and Game Theory

This article applies game theory to the practice of exchanging gifts with others for holidays and special events. Gift giving can be complicated- givers must consider how much enjoyment the ‘receiver’ will get from any given item while also considering the cost of the item. Additionally, they must anticipate the gift that they will in […]

Game Theory and Nuclear Standoffs This article compares America’s current nuclear standoff with North Korea with an imagined game over a $100 bill. The rules of the game are the the two players choose a number between 0 and 100. Whoever chooses the higher number wins $100, but there is also a chance that you will have to give […]

Targeted Marketing

I’ve always been a fan of listening to podcasts; they serve as the perfect complement to otherwise menial activities like walking to class, doing laundry, and a whole slew of other similar activities. These days one of my favorite podcasts is Planet Money from NPR. Even though I’m not a finance nut, Planet Money consistently delivers a captivating […]

The Most Dangerous Game Although the article was written in May of this year shortly after North Korea’s missile tests, I felt like the topic was still extremely relevant and chose this article. The author, Byung-Seong Min, argues that the tensions between North Korea and the rest of the world can be explained by game theory. However, unlike […]

Using Game Theory to Understand the Housing Crisis of 2008

As the real estate bubble began to burst in 2008, homeowners with mortgages were faced with a serious dilemma. Although their property values were declining, their mortgages remained fixed. Why should they continue to pay off the full value of their debt when their homes were worth far less? It would make more sense for […]

NSA Embodying the Strong Triadic Closure Principle to Locate Terrorist Groups   This article discusses how companies such as NSA are using phone records from Verizon to track down terrorists. Initially, this concept seems very unfocused and unrealistic, however this article incorporates The Strong Triadic Closure which states that if person A has a strong connection with person B and person B has a strong […]

Use of Social Network Analysis to Study Crime Rostami, Amir, and Hernan Mondani. “The Complexity of Crime Network Data: A Case Study of Its Consequences for Crime Control and the Study of Networks.” Ed. Thomas Niederkrotenthaler. PLoS ONE 10.3 (2015): e0119309. PMC. Web. 12 Sept. 2017.   I read an academic paper entitled The Complexity of Crime Network Data: A Case Study […]

Game Theory: Climate Change

With the recent event of Hurricane Irma, some scientists have attributed the hurricane to be linked to Climate Change.  Climate change is described as changes to regional and global climate patterns due to increased levels of greenhouse gases originating from humans. Despite a large scientific backing and acknowledgement of climate change from nations around the […]

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