Sandra Wayman

Research Support Specialist

B.S. (Summa Cum Laude), Environmental Science, Allegheny College, Meadville PA.
M.S., Soil Science, Washington State University, Puyallup WA.

Past Research
My undergraduate degree in Environmental Science began my interest in sustainable farming; later at the Rodale Institute I became interested in cover cropping in reduced tillage organic agriculture. Then at WSU I studied this system in further detail: examining the effects of cover crop variety, termination timing, and termination techniques on soil health, weed dynamics, crop production, and ecosystem services.  The goal of my work is to make sustainable farming practices more accessible and effective for farmers.

Current Work
My work with the Ryan Lab focuses on 1) study of the newly developed perennial grain, Kernza (intermediate wheatgrass, T. intermedium) and perennial rye, 2) managing nurseries of three legume crops for a cover crop breeding study, and 3) serving as all-around Lab Mom, Social Manager, and Very Organized Person.


  • Wayman, S., C. Cogger, C. Benedict, I. Burke. 2014.The influence of cover crop variety, termination date, and termination method on mulch, weed cover, and soil nitrate in organic reduced-tillage. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. Online July 2014.
  • Wayman, S., R. Bowden., R. Mitchell. 2013. Seasonal Changes in Shoot and Root Nitrogen Distribution in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum). BioEnergy Research. 7: 243-252.


  • Choosing and Managing Cover Crops in Western Washington, Washington State University master’s thesis presentation.
  • Organic Reduced-till Cover Crops and Weed Management, Washington Tilth Organic Growers Conference, 9 Nov. 2013
  • Cover Crops and Weeds. Washington State University Soil Science Departmental Seminar, 21 Oct. 2013
  • Cover Crop Variety Selection and Weed Dynamics. WSU Puyallup No-Till Field Day, 12 Aug. 2013


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