Pauline Mouillon

Visiting Intern, 2018

MSc Economy and Territory Governance, University of Burgundy (Dijon, FR), 2019 expected
Engineer’s degree in Agronomy, National Institute of Agronomy of Dijon (AgroSup Dijon, FR), 2019 expected

Research Interests
Mainly, I am interested in sustainable cropping systems to help farmers to decrease their impact on the environment and to find solutions to diversify their rotations and to maximize their profitability. I am particularly interested in working with farmers, for example with on-farm trials, in order to respond to their needs and to promote sustainable farming.

My project
During my 6-month internship in the Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab in 2018, I studied the effects of sunflower density on weed biomass in an organic sunflower production system. Using data collected from our research fields at Musgrave Farm (Aurora, NY), I investigated the potential to produce organic sunflower in New York State. This project aims at assessing the potential of diversifying crop rotations with sunflower. Information is limited on organic sunflower production in regions where the crop has not been grown extensively, and thus this project fills an important knowledge gap.

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