Terry Rose

terry rose

Visiting Associate Professor

PhD – University of Western Australia (2008)
BSc.Agr – University of Sydney (2001)

Research interests
I am a visiting Associate professor from Southern Cross University in the Australian subtropics. My interest lies broadly in sustainable cropping systems, including wet, subtropical farming systems and semi-arid broad-acre farming systems. Much of my work focuses on understanding nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) behavior in soils and crops, with a view towards improving the efficiency of use of these nutrients in agriculture and minimizing their impact on the environment. More recently I have been working on techniques to increase plant diversity within cropping systems to improve soil function without compromising crop yields. This work links with concurrent research on organic farming systems, where cover cropping is being investigated as a means to enable direct drilling of winter cereals in organic systems to minimize soil cultivation in these systems.

Current work with the Sustainable Cropping Systems lab is investigating fall-sown wheat emergence and yields following direct drilling into roller-crimped sorghum sudangrass, sunn hemp, soybean, buckwheat or tillage radish cover crops.

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