Ashley Jernigan

Laboratory Assistant

B.S. International Agriculture and Rural Development, Cornell University, 2016

Research Interests
During my undergraduate studies, I became interested in studying the factors that impact how nutrients cycle through the soil, to food crops, and to people. During my time in the Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab, I was specifically interested in researching the relationships between soil health and cropping system management to develop new farming strategies. Throughout my career I hope to help develop new farming strategies that will create more resilient cropping systems that can help address food security issues around the globe.

My project focused on working with the uniformity trial that is currently planted over the long-term Organic Cropping Systems (OCS) experiment in Aurora, NY. For the past ten years the OCS experiment has implemented four different grain crop management systems: 1) High Fertility, 2) Low Fertility, 3) Enhanced Weed Management, and 4) Reduced Tillage. These management systems vary in fertility inputs, tillage, and weed management strategies. During the uniformity trial we compared soil health indicators, soil fauna community composition and density, sorghum-sudangrass biomass and density, and weed biomass and density between the four established cropping systems.



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