Valentine Debray


Visiting Intern, 2016

MSc in Agroecology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and ISARA-Lyon France, 2015
B.S Agronomy, Agriculture and Food Science, ISARA-Lyon France, 2013

Research Interests
Broadly, I am interested in agroecological practices of smallholder farmers, especially in regard to climate change adaptation. I am particularly interested in practices that contribute to maintain and improve soil health and water conservation (agroforestry, cover crops, etc). In addition, I am interested in participatory research, as well as in farmers’ knowledge exchange systems.

My Project
During my time with the Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab in 2016, my research addressed perennial grain crops. Using an online survey, I investigated opportunities and limitations of potential markets for the perennial grains Intermediate Wheatgrass and perennial rye, as well as farmers’  interests for these crops in the Northeast USA and in France. Their introduction into existing farming systems could provide multiple benefits, especially on marginal land. Perennials allow for preserving essential agro-ecosystem services, and preventing soil erosion and nutrient leaching. Perennial grains could provide both forage and grains for human consumption.


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