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Tillage Type & Interseeding Affect Weeds. Lancaster Farming
Locally-Sourced Science podcast: Episode 56. WRFI FM 88.5
Magic cover crop carpet? Science Daily
Foraging ahead with intercropping. The Western Producer
Grant to help dairy farms avoid setbacks from extreme weather. Cornell Chronicle
Intercropping: Intersection of Soil Health, Production.
Perennial Plants Can Fight Climate Change, Says Dr. Jerry Glover. Medill News Service
Cornell Specialists to Present Soil Health Center Seminars at 2016 Empire Farm Days. Madison County Courier
Kernza Research is in Full Swing at Cornell University. Perennial Grains Blog
Growth of Organic Wheat Also Brings Challenges. Lancaster Farming
Climate Challenge: Organic No-till vs. Conventional No-till. Growing Magazine
Climate Changing: No-Till for Soil Health? Growing Magazine
Cornell Takes on Climate Change. Capitol Tonight, Time Warner Cable News
Cover crops keep carbon and cash where it belongs. Farming and Climate Change Adaptation: A Blog for Northeastern Farmers & Ag. Service Providers
Researchers: No-Till Grows Better Organic Soybeans. Lancaster Farming
Why cover crops are good for farmers and ecosystems. Futurity
Research reveals true value of cover crops to farmers, environment. Penn State News
Crop Rotation Strategy Eradicates Persistent Weed in Organic Hay Field. Penn State Extension: Sustainable Agriculture
Many Little Hammers: Fighting Weed Resistance with Diversified Management. CSA News

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