Kiera Crowley


Graduated alumna

M.S. Crop and Soil Science, Cornell University, 2017
B.A. Geography and Chinese, Colgate University

Tradeoffs in Cereal Rye Management Strategies Prior to Organic Soybean

Current position
After graduating from the Sustainable Cropping Systems lab, Kiera spent three years as a Research Support Specialist at the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI). During that time, she co-wrote and created all the maps and figures for the Institute’s report, Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition in India 2020. In fall of 2020, Kiera returned to the Soil and Crop Sciences section at Cornell to pursue her PhD with Andy McDonald. She is also a Tata-Cornell Scholar, and a FLAS fellow studying Hindi. She is interested in innovation diffusion and adoption of conservation agriculture technologies among famers in India’s Indo-Gangetic Plain.

Research interests with the Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab
At Cornell, Kiera worked on an experiment comparing different cover crop management strategies in corn and soybean rotations. The treatments included a no-till treatment that was roller-crimped, a plow down treatment in which all the cover crop biomass was plowed in before planting, a “rye-lage” treatment in which rye was harvested for fodder and the remaining stubble was plowed under before planting, and a control treatment that was not planted with a cover crop. She compared these treatments from several angles, including soil health, water infiltration and run-off, economics, weed suppression, crop yield, and labor time.


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