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Cornell Fruit Resources: Berries

Resources for Commercial Berry Growers

Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) season begins: July 1 berry update

Strawberries: Rapidly moving through the harvest season, with late varieties now ripening. Some damage seen in

showing pest damage
Potato leafhoppers cause mottling and malformed leaves.

fields due to heavy rains, but most seem to have avoided fruit rots. Potato leafhopper damage and presence easy to find. It’s easy to ignore with everything going on, but this can stunt the plants and control measures should be taken. Also seeing some 2 spotted mites (bronzing leaves) and powdery mildew (curling leaves) in some fields. SWD larvae have been found in June strawberries already. Try to remove as much overripe fruit as possible, consider insecticide applications and be sure to renovate as soon as possible when fields finish picking, especially if you have other berry crops for the flies to attack.

showing pest
Potato leafhoppers are small, light-green insects that move quickly when disturbed. They are easy to spot on the undersides of leaves.

Blueberries: Color developing on early and mid-season varieties, with ripe fruit on early varieties in early sites. With sustained catches in most traps, it is important to start spraying for SWD as the fruit starts to ripen (NOW!).

showing insect damage
Plum curculio egg laying scar – activity causes fruit to color prematurely.

Fruit seems to be sizing well and many fields have good crop loads. Many areas got rain over the weekend, but continue irrigating (if possible) to maximize fruit size and yields. SWD is the main concern now, but I did see some Plum Curculio and cherry fruitworm damage in organic fields. For the strange finding of the week: frost damage on blueberries causes russeting similar to that in apples and pears.

Raspberries: Early varieties are starting to ripen. Fruit quality seems good, in spite

show disease symptoms
Leaf symptoms on raspberry canes before collapsing from Phytophthora root rot.

of the dry conditions. Reports of damage from localized strong storms in some areas. Seeing some Phytophthora root rot symptoms on floricanes (wilting, dying) as plants are stressed from drought and the ripening crop. Potato leafhoppers are also present and causing damage on raspberries.

Black raspberries: Berries are showing color, but not many ripe yet. Looks like it will be a great crop.

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