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Using PageRank to Rank Universities by Influence

Considered by many as a key invention contributing to Google’s dominance, PageRank is one of the most influential algorithms in the tech world. The intuition behind it, as we have learned in CS 2850, is simple: in a network or graph, a node is important if other important nodes point to it. Although it was […]

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO and Why It’s Important How Search Engines Operate Do you ever click past the fifth link when searching for information on Google? Studies show it’s unlikely. So as a new business, you want to get your site to the top of the search results to bring high traffic to your site. A key factor […]

More than meets the eye Great. We’ve learned about page-rank. Always wondered how Google did its thing. Sounds easy enough. Just do some simple map-reduce, on each iteration divide the rank, spread the love, and get a new one. So what’s the big deal? Hey, maybe I’ll even go start my own search engine. Actually, before you and I […]

A Better Search Algorithm than Google’s? A Look into Top-Sensitive PageRank

In Taher H. Haveliwala’s research paper, Haveliwala discusses his research in developing a new search query algorithm. His proposal comes in three parts. First, he challenges the effectiveness of using one generic PageRank vector and instead purposes creating a set of PageRank vectors that are “biased” toward representative topics of the search. Second,for “ordinary keyword search queries” […]

Illegal Auctions of Stolen NSA Information

As I’m sure you know, the NSA among the most powerful hacking organizations in the world, with unfathomable amounts of information. Some of the most sensitive security data and surveillance is gathered daily by the NSA. If some of this information got into the wrong hands, it could be catastrophic for the United States or […]

The Core of Alphabet: Google’s Ads   In October of 2016, Googles revenue and profits outperformed analysts expectations.  This was in part to there successful internet ad business.  It actually covered a lot of the losses that Alphabet Inc. has experienced making risky investments.  The company grew past the projection of $18 million in revenue to $18.3 million.   Some […]

The Secret of of Googlenomics

Secret of Googlenomics: Data-Fueled Recipe Brews Profitability 21 Billion, that’s the amount of revenue that Google brought in last year. In the second half of the course, we have been discussing and analyzing the different types of online auctions regarding the selling of ad slots on numerous search engines. One of the most renown search […]

Facebook and its famed News Feed Algorithm

In 2006, Facebook built the news feed as a hub for updates about your friends’ activities on the site. But then another problem arose, that of overwhelming people with hundreds of updates every day. To counter this, Facebook came up with a crude algorithm to filter them based on how likely they were to be […]

Netflix Reccomendations

Netflix runs different algorithms to determine what genres may interest a user of the application. They often test the boundaries of what that person may or may not like by suggesting programs that may often not seem related to the higher rated programs the viewer had chosen. This, in part, is to get a larger […]

Pagerank and Its implication for Websites Marketing Strategy

What constitutes an effective “search”? How do we obtain viable and useful information through Google? More importantly, how does Google decide what page comes top in the results? All these questions are often overlooked when we type our keywords in the search box; nevertheless, they are essential to determine the quality of our search results. […]

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