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Why Spotify is Losing Money

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service with users across the country and globe. The ability to create personalized playlists and listen to a specific genre or artist makes this app so popular. What makes it even better is that the app is free to download and use. Spotify is attracting customers by providing a free service and […]

Game Theory Used in Presidential Debates

Link : The material basically fits the presidential debate in a game theory model, analyses the current strengths and weaknesses of Hillary and Trump and gives out “attack suggestions” for each of them. The author defines three players and three major factors in the game. The three players refer to the two president candidates […]

Selling Homes via Auction

Most people wouldn’t think to put their homes up for auction when selling, but this article argues that using an auction format can save time and money. Nicole Messier is the VP-Marketing for a company that does real estate auctions, and said that online auctions for homes have been increasing by 25% each year, and […]

Facebook Makes Ads Cheaper But More Efficient?

Yep thats right, Facebook’s advertisements are not sold directly by the highest bidder, but rather through an algorithm that ranks the bids by a combination of not only value, but relevancy to the user and surrounding ads as well. By doing this Facebook’s ads should receive more traffic, as people will be viewing ads relevant […]

Reddit – the Driving Force Behind Internet Trends

The driving force behind trending content on the Internet is an online social media community called Reddit., founded in 2005, now has over 55 million unique visitors per month. As a user (either account holder or not), you can browse thousands of categorized pages with unique content, weigh in on comment threads, or post […]

Two New Faces of PageRank

Source: Getting on good terms with Google searches involves a lot of playing with SEO and adjusting your website to make sure it is noticed and placed as high up on the page list as possible. The original algorithm developed was called PageRank, and it focused on looking at the amount of references your […]

Algorithms based on PageRank may not be all good It is well known that most of search engines and social media websites online utilize some kind of algorithms to customize search results for the users. For example, it is well known that Facebook uses EdgeRank and Google used PageRank, although Google recently shut down its toolbar PageRank to the general public in April […]

Yahoo’s Greatest Regret

With the recent sale of Yahoo’s operations to Verizon for $4.8 billion, we should look back and reflect on the decision making process that caused Yahoo to turn from one of the largest Tech companies at the turn of the century into what it is now. According to Jeff Desjardins from, Yahoo first went […]

Bargaining power and value sharing in distribution network

In 2014, Roson and Hubert published an interesting paper on Networks and Spatial Economic journal titled “Bargaining power and value sharing in distribution network: a cooperative game theory approach” applies the basic ideas of trading in a network, bargaining power of individual nodes, and game theory as discussed in the class in a sophisticated way. […]

Why Small Business Should NOT Advertise on Google

Last lecture was all about Search Industry and how Google makes money by selling ads. We talked about different ways to sell ads by (for impressions or for clicks) and the different types of ads (based on location and depth of search pages). Favorable ads should have value to most companies but their value is […]

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