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Page Rank for Dating App Users

It’s no surprise or secret that Google ranks the websites it displays in its search engine with an algorithm. In fact the algorithm is called PageRank and it has been used by Google for quite a while now. As we learned in class, most things on the Internet are tailored to each user’s deemed preferences. Ads are displayed based on the user’s more frequent and recent searches. Certain websites are easier to find than others due to their rank.

However, it might be surprising to know that dating apps use similar algorithms to match people together. The profiles one user sees could be completely different compared to another’s. According to Coffee Meets Bagel, a popular mobile dating app, friends of friends are 30% more likely to like each other. People with more photos tend to get more matches. People will longer profiles tend to get liked 15% more than those with short profiles. Users with more matches, are ranked higher.

On Coffee Meets Bagel, users can find out how they’re ranked. On Tinder, rankings are private. However, one Tinder user got a hold of their own Tinder score. This score is referred to as an “Elo score” inside the company. It helps Tinder’s rating system parse its users in order to find more compatible matches. Apparently this Tinder ranking system took over two and a half months to create, and is not solely based on attractiveness. Every time someone swipes yes to a user and no to another, they are fundamentally casing a vote as to who they think is more desirable.

Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes attractiveness and by learning a user’s preferences, Tinder can better match them to other users. Preferences are harder to account for, and vary greatly. Some dating apps use Facebook information to establish preferences. Some build social graphs based on people’s second and third connections. Dating sites and apps have their own unique ways of matching people together and ranking users.

If you could find our your score, would you?


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