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Precision Technology Institute

Fendt 1000 with a high speed planter we ran at 12mph

Going over the risk of too much or not enough down force

This past week we got the chance to get out of New York again and go out to Pontiac Illinois to Precision Plantings new 200 acre test farm. This was a great opportunity for training on Precision Plantings new product as well as meeting other dealers from across the country. The day of training consisted of two different parts the first being the ride and drive time in what they called the sandbox and then the agronomy tour. The ride in drive was great with precision planting recently being bought by AGCO they had a brand new line up of equipment for us to try all the different precision planting products on. The agronomy tour took us throughout the farm showing us each plot and new things that were in the works for precision planting. It was a great trip learning the benefits of each product and where they can be best implemented. 

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