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Scouting Green Beans

Beans planted after wheat harvest with a lot of volunteer wheat coming back.

Green beans are a very big market here in Western NY with the majority of them being processed through the Seneca foods plant in Geneva. That being said, it is very important to be out scouting those fields weekly checking for insects, disease, and weed pressure.  Throughout the summer at least one day a week I get the chance to get out and either scout green beans or sweet corn; both destined for canning. This week I was out walking green bean fields that were spread across the state from Utica to Buffalo.  While walking fields, I am mainly focusing on weed pressure as well as white mold and insects. With this summer being so dry in western NY I have still yet to find any white mold. I hope for the growers sake it stays that way. It’s important while I am out scouting that I am checking growth stages of the plants throughout the entire field so that no herbicide or pesticides are applied too late and can damage growth further.

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