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Hello everyone my name is Travis Mattison and I and currently a junior in the Agricultural Sciences Major. I am doing my internship this summer with a precision agronomy company out of Rochester, NY called Agrinetix.  Agrinetix has its hands in all aspects of agriculture from selling GPS guidance systems and autosteer to fertility management plans, water management,  spray and fertilizer application control systems as well as a GIS department that does EC/field mapping, NDVI imagery and yield and planter mapping. This summer my main focus is working as a technology integrator installing and maintaining Trimble Guidance systems, 360 Yield center products, Precision planting products and Raven control systems.

The First two weeks were an extremely busy planting season. I was on the road almost everyday traveling to different farms across New York state mostly servicing Trimble GPS systems controlling auto-steer in the tractor as well as planter controls. After the hectic first couple weeks myself and the other tech integrator Chris went out to Ohio State University Agriculture Research and Development Center for a two day training conference put on by Trimble on a new product they released. The release was for the GFX750 display and NAV 900 controller as well as the Muller ISO ecu. This was a great experience receiving training on the product as well as networking with others in the precision agriculture industry from all over the United States and Canada.

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