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Event Roles

Roles are deployed by iModules and are documented on their training site.    Roles are utilized in Events, Email, Memberships, and Giving forms and let you target specific groups  for  a specific access

One  example is for a RSVP form  with the first page (step) requesting the registrant to select Yes/No if they are attending.  The following steps will be displayed based on if they are attending or not.

Another example is managing the ticket price option based on how an alumni answers a question.

Role Management (MS-WORD)

Role Management (PDF)


A drawback with roles is that a role cannot be used on the page (step) where it is established .  The role is established on one page (step) and then used on a following page (step).

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTHow to Roll access a page

Roles are a powerful tool that can enhance the quality of iModule tools.


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