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Email CheckList

Email Check List

Please use this form as a checklist prior to creating an email.  This checklist was designed to help clients plan and gather all the assets required for creating an email message.
  1. Email Header Information
    1. Preheader
    2. Subject line
    3. From email address
    4. From email title or name
    5. Reply email address
    6. To field:
  2. Audience
    1. Excel file  with theses data columns : 7 Digit ID, First Name, Last Name, Best E-Mail Address
  3. Message Content
    1. Final approved text must be in .TXT format
    2. Did you run spell check
    3. Merge fields needed
  4. Images and Links
    1. My CTA (call to action) is: Register, Give, Vote
    2. Registration URL
    3. See who’s coming URL
    4. Social Media URLs:
    5. Email banner, image should be 600 pixels wide max.
    6. Other Image/ photos 140 x 140 pixels
    7. Video URL
  5. Who Should Receive PREVIEW Emails
    1. Name
    2. Email address
  6. Who Should APPROVE the Final email
    1. Name
    2. Email address
  7. Date E-Mail Should be Sent
    1. Month/Day/Year/Time of Day


If you have questions regarding the schedule  – contact the Email Marketing team

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