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Event Fees (Gateway/Promo/Comp)

Events collecting fees must be linked to an established Payment Gateway created in iModules.

Gateway Payment Set-up (MS-Word)

Gateway Payment Set-up (PDF)

Gateway administration is  by Kathleen Davis.

Promo Codes are deployed by iModules and are documented on their training site.  A couple of quick notes regarding Promo code:

  • Promo codes must be implemented on the first page/ primary registration step on any event.
  • Only one promo code can be used.
  • Promo codes calculate a fixed amount discount not a percentage.
  • Promo codes that result in a $0  total will not take the user to the billing page.
  • Multiple promo codes can be set up to compensate for various registrant/guest scenarios:
    • Promo 2 compensates cost of 1 registrant, 1 guest
    • Promo 3 compensates cost of 1 registrant, 2 guest

Comping is alternative to the use of promo codes,  commerce ticket cost can be configure to charge a fee to registrants,  while allowing Event Administrators to  ‘comp’ selected registrants/guest with free  or discounted event fees.


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