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Celebration of student botanical art

Samples of the students' work.

Samples of the students’ work, above.

Students in Marcia Eames-Sheavly’s Intensive Study in Botanical Illustration course (PLHRT 3250) displayed their works for the semester at a lunchtime  ‘gallery walk’ in Plant Science Building May 8. Featured artists included Rosemary Glos:

Rosemary Glos

Bailee Hopkins-Hensley:

Myles Collinson:

Aliza Doyle:

Later in the day, there was an opening in B30 Mann Library celebrating the works Viola Yu completed as her capstone project for her Minor in Horticulture with a Focus in the Botanical Arts, including an extensive mural in a nearby corridor. “The goal is to show how beautiful underground and underwater can be, and then to show the diversity of the world and why we should save it,” said the natural resources major. The inspiring artwork celebrates the connections between soil, oceans and the health of the planet.

Viola Yu with her paintings in Mann Library.
Viola Yu with her paintings in Mann Library.

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