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Grad student uses diverse experience to assist growers

Ming Yi Chou

Chou examining grapes in the vineyard. Photo: Ksenia Verdiyan

Appellation Cornell [November 2015]:

A passion for wine may stem from unlikely places.

Ming-Yi Chou is a Ph.D. student in the Graduate Field of Horticulture.  At Cornell, his work examines floor management impacts on grape composition and wine sensory properties through physiological and microbial pathways.  Yet, Chou’s path to Cornell has been far from easy, spanning several continents, and combining years of unique experience in the wine industry.

Chou grew up in the bustling metropolis of Taipei, Taiwan, known for progressive economic development and high tech industry.

“As a child I was curious about things I did not see very often in the city such as a fruit crop field,” Chou said.

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