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Juneberries are rich in iron,  calcium, manganese, protein and fiber. Jim Ochterski photo.

Juneberries are rich in iron, calcium, manganese, protein and fiber. Jim Ochterski photo.

Floriculture Field Day 2013 [CALS Notes 2013-08-17] – In his welcome, CALS senior associate dean Jan Nyrop told the gathered floriculture professionals about a Scottish study that showed walking in green spaces and parks simulated rest and mediation and relieve “decision fatigue.” “Plants reduce fatigue,” Nyrop said. “Therefore, all of you in the audience contribute great service to society.”

New Super Fruit for Northern New York? Willsboro Research Farm Establishing Juneberry Nursery [NNYADP news release 2013-08-15] – Northern New York is getting on the Juneberry super fruit bandwagon. With funding from the farmer-led Northern New York Agricultural Development Program, one of the largest Juneberry research nurseries will be established at the Cornell Willsboro Research Farm in Willsboro, NY.

Turning tired land into energizing liquid gold [Cornell Chronicle 2013-08-05] – Regional growers, corporate processors, agency personnel and academics gathered for the Perennial Biofeedstock Energy Tour July 31 at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service facility in Big Flats. Six Cornell experts — including horticulture grad student Eric Fabio and horticulture professor Alan Taylor — provided field presentations that detailed current efficiencies in bioenergy grasses, explained sustainable development of marginal soils, clarified differences between seed and treated seed, illuminated projects for breeding shrub willows for biofuels and provided updates on managing potential pathogen pressures in grasses.

A rare vintage [VISIONS Across America 2013-07-26] – Iowa State University Alumni Association profiles Bedell Cellars CEO Trent Preszler (Ph.D. ’12).

GMOs May Feed the World Using Fewer Pesticides [NOVAnext 2013-07-26] – Potato breeder Walter De Jong, associate professor, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, develops varieties to stay a step ahead of devastating insect infestations and disease.

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