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Collaborate with the Vegetable Variety Demo Garden

Via Liz Falk, Professional Development Educator, crossposted from the Cornell Garden-Based Learning blog.

For the second year, we will be planting the Vegetable Variety Demo Garden (VVdG) again here on the Cornell campus and would like to collaborate with CCE offices New York statewide to install a VVdG in your county.

Some of the same elements from 2012 will be repeated including vegetable varieties and components of ecological gardening (cover crops, companion planting, and mulching). This year we will also be adding perennial plants to the garden, a compost bin and – in keeping with the 2013 Horticulture theme – multiple types of plants for attracting beneficial insects. As always with VVT, we will encourage others to rate varieties by using the website at

To Participate: Read more about the trial and how to take part on our web site here:

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