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Cornell University climate scientist: This is just the beginning [Syracuse Post-Standard 7/18/2012] – David Wolfe says that there is a high degree of certainty that we’ll see more weather like this in the future. Wolfe is surprised by speed at which climate is changing but the slow pace of our reaction to it. “I think [policymakers are] more fearful of the policy reaction to climate change than to the climate change itself,” he said. “I think they underestimate the costs of adaptation down the road, but it’s our children who will pay the bills for that.”

storage guide coverNew guide offers organic farmers tips for storing produce [Cornell Chronicle 7/17/2012] With organic produce reaping a growing marketplace share, farmers who can keep their crops fresh longer will benefit from more marketing options. But it takes know-how. The new and free 2012 Production Guide for Storage of Organic Fruits and Vegetables, by Christopher Watkins and Jacqueline Nock and posted online by the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, can help.

Pilot program aims to cure ‘plant blindness’ among high school students [Cornell Chronicle 7/11/2012] A Cornell pilot program, Plantations Environmental Education Program for Sustainability (PEEPS), aims to give high school students an appreciation for plants.

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