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Kao-Kniffin Lab website

Visit the Kao-Kniffin Lab website at:

Visit the Kao-Kniffin Lab website at:

Jenny Kao-Kniffin’s lab has a new website.

The lab’s research focuses on the ecology and management of invasive weed populations in urbanized landscapes.

Invasive weeds are prevalent in disturbed sites, such as urban grasslands, forests, and wetlands. The lab is examining the underlying plant-microbial mechanisms of how invasive weeds enhance their competitive abilities over co-existing plants.

The lab’s main areas of research are:

  • Selection of rhizosphere microbiomes that enhance plant competitive abilities.
  • Linking root exudate metabolomics with rhizosphere metagenomics.
  • Identifying novel biosynthetic compounds from rhizosphere microorganisms contributing to plant growth or suppression.

Visit the Kao-Kniffin Lab website to read more.

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