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Plants: macro-masters of micro-fluidics seminar March 2

Maciej Zwieniecki, Sargent Fellow, Arnold Arboretum

Maciej Zwieniecki, Sargent Fellow, Arnold Arboretum

From Taryn Bauerle:

Dr. Maciej Zwieniecki, Sargent Fellow at Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum, will be giving a seminar March 2 at 12:15 p.m. in Plant Science 233 on “Plants: macro-masters of micro-fluidics: Hydraulic integration of local autonomous responses to dynamic environments in the vascular network”

Abstract: Plants are highly branched organisms that bridge vastly different and dynamic environments: geosphere and atmosphere. Leaves and roots are distal sites of mass and energy exchange that autonomously respond to rapid changes in local conditions at molecular and cellular levels. Irrespective of the diverse range of stimuli, responses almost always involve a rapid hydraulic component. I propose that plant vascular network provide system level regulation and integration of responses allowing for emergent properties that transcend local benefit to whole-plant wellbeing. Using examples from diverse and spatially separated processes (hydraulic dynamics of vascular system, nutrient uptake, and leaf-atmosphere coupling), I provide a conceptual outline that links seemingly unrelated biological and physical phenomena and offers an explanation to fast coordination of function across plant body.

Maciej Zwieniecki’s research focuses on: mass and energy transport in plants; structure and function of plant vascular network; abiotic plant stress biology; interface between plant and environment. Zwieniecki authored and co-authored over 60 refereed publications, a book, and over 100 proceedings abstracts. He was giving invited seminars in many US and European universities. Zwieniecki’s research was supported by NSF, USDA, Mellon Foundation, SCCR (Poland) – total funding as Pi and Co-Pi exceeded so far $4M.

Maciej will be on campus March 2 and 3. Taryn Bauerle is putting together a schedule for Maciej. Please contact her if you would like to meet with him and include a time that would work well for you:

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