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Reminder: Soil Health Training Workshop Aug. 16-19

soil health training manualFrom Larissa Smith, Dept. of Crop & Soil Sciences:

The Cornell Soil Health Team will be providing its second annual Cornell Soil Health Train-the-Trainer Intensive Workshop this summer from August 16-19. This international workshop focuses on measuring soil health and improving soils through holistic soil management. The target audience is professionals working with agricultural and nonagricultural (including urban) soil management issues.

The Cornell Soil Health Program has developed cost-effective methods for soil health assessment, targeting important soil processes such as aeration, drainage, root growth, disease pressure, nutrient release, etc. Specific management recommendations are also suggested to address soil health constraints.

This intensive soil health workshop will include a mix of classroom training, hands-on laboratory experience, field assessment of soil health, generating the soil health report and its interpretation, and a field trip to local farms to discuss adopted soil health practices. Registration and program information are available on our website.

Sign up now, while there is still space – the program is limited to 35 participants!

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