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You are Cornell photo challenge

Jenn Thomas is Cornell
Jenn Thomas is Cornell! [Click image for larger view.]

From Lisa Cameron-Norfleet, Director, Office Of Web Communications, Cornell University:

Cornell is bigger than a bunch of buildings sitting on a hill. Cornell is thousands of people, each with their own story. Let’s start piecing together that mosaic and show the world who we are.

Make a sign telling how Cornell is in your life, how the university has touched your world, how you relate to the Big Red. Then, have someone snap your photo holding it. The only rules are that your sign must have your name (first only) and the phrase “I Am Cornell” on it. If you are or were a student, it would be great if you included your class year too.

Be creative. Have fun. Share your Cornell with the world.

We have started a Flickr group online at

You must be a member to post your photo to the group and membership requires a Flickr account (free). If you do not have a Flickr account but would like to submit a photo, please send a JPG, GIF, or PNG of your photo to

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