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Ron White cuts ribbon on new building at Bluegrass Lane

Ron White cutting ribbon

Ron White wrapped up his 31-year career at Cornell September 23 by cutting the ribbon on a new office facility at Bluegrass Lane Turf and Landscape Research Facility. “When we started this project, I thought I’d be long gone before it was done,” recalls Ron, who praised Jill Freidmutter (foreground, right), CALS Assistant Director of Facility Operations, for helping to expedite the process.

New offices at Bluegrass Lane

White was lauded for his years of service, bringing a diverse skill set and exemplary work ethic to the job. While at Bluegrass Lane, he oversaw construction of a new irrigation pond, hoophouses and an ornamental plants research area protected by deer fencing. He supported researchers with his electronic and mechanical ingenuity, including design and construction of a mobile ‘rain-out’ shield for turf research.

Ron White

Best wishes, Ron.


  1. Melissa Kitchen says:

    Sniff, sniff. We already miss you!

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