Wholesale Prices

Broccoli prices vary in response to many factors. The graph below shows the average weekly price for broccoli at all six reporting terminal markets in the East over a five-year period. The data come from USDA AMS Market News. Crown cut dominated in the region, with bunch still common in parts of the Southeast and in New York City. The prices have tracked very closely since 2013.

Five years of prices 12 to 25 dollars mostly
The price of bunch and crown broccoli have converged since 2013. These prices are the mean for all terminal markets in the East. The actual price received by growers can vary considerably from this mean.

The graph provides a sense of seasonal fluctuations and averages in broccoli prices in the eastern U.S. These prices are historic and thus not necessarily indicative of the amount a particular grower can expect to receive for a given load. Prices to growers vary substantially depending on location, product quality, broccoli supply and many other factors.

Recent price trends. The price has had a floor around $15 per box, with unpredictable spikes. The continuous low prices during the 2016 growing season made profitability a serious challenge. They recovered in 2017.

Terminal market prices in the East. Mean value for all Eastern terminal markets for crown-cut broccoli. Source: USDA AMS Market News




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