Who’s buying?

The Eastern Broccoli team does not broker deals between growers and buyers, but we can facilitate introductions. The buyers listed on this page are interested in increasing their supply of eastern-grown broccoli and are open to hearing from growers capable of supplying a particular region, season, or market channel. Product specs will vary with the buyer, and nearly all require evidence that production and postharvest practices comply with food safety standards. Growers are strongly advised to engage a buyer before producing a broccoli crop.

(Note to produce buyers and distributors:  if you would like to be listed on this page, please email us at Easternbroccoli@gmail.com.)



Capital Roots logoCapital Roots brings local produce from growers in New York and the Northeast to public schools, institutions, and childcare providers in four counties surrounding Albany, NY. They buy from growers with a range of certification levels and will pick up from farms or central delivery areas within a 50-mile radius. Fresh, local broccoli products are sourced for as much of the year as they are available. Contact them at foodhub@capitalroots.org.

Field Goods logoField Goods, based in the Hudson River Valley, distributes produce from small farms to consumers at their workplaces or other community locations.  The company is interested in sourcing sustainably grown broccoli from growers in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and western New England.  For more information, email them at info@field-goods.com.

Headwater logoHeadwater Food Hub near Rochester, NY is a certified B-corporation and wholesale distributor of regional agricultural products produced sustainably by small and mid-sized growers. They are interested in purchasing broccoli crowns and florets from northeastern producers for as many months of the year as a supply is available.  Minimum load size: 5 cases. Growers may contact them at Supply@HeadwaterFoodHub.com.

Red Tomato logo bRed Tomato is a nonprofit distributor that connects growers with buyers in the Northeast to support sustainable production practices, fair treatment of growers, and fresh, local produce for consumers.  Start a conversation by contacting them at info@redtomato.org.


Imperfect Produce logo bImperfect Produce, located in the greater Baltimore area, delivers mixed fruit and vegetable boxes to customers’ homes throughout the Mid Atlantic. Buying fresh, nutritious, cosmetically challanged produce that would otherwise be underutilized due to nonstandard appearance or oversupply. Currently, they are interested in broccoli from South Carolina to New Jersey. All cuts of broccoli are accepted. Growers should plan to contact Imperfect Produce at least one month before harvest to discuss specifications, volumes, logistics, pricing and to be on-boarded as a new vendor. Contact Robin@imperfectproduce.com.


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