If you want to get involved in the Eastern Broccoli Project

We started the project with industry participants in each area of activity, and they have made substantial committments to the project from the outset. Additional participants are needed to meet our objectives, so we are looking for new partners who can make the needed commitments and will have a mutually beneficial relationship.


We work with new broccoli growers and growers expanding their broccoli acreage. Improved varieties are beginning to come on the market now, and increasingly better hybrids will be available by 2021. We expect production to increase as more of these become available. Visit our regularly updated Varieties webpage to see the best current options.

Contacts:  Maine—Mark Hutton; New York—Christy Hoepting; Virginia—Ashley Edwards; Western North Carolina—Jeanine Davis; South Carolina—Brian Ward

Produce Distributor

Our goal is to have a strong and competitive distribution system from present and future production areas. We are working with several distributors and food hubs now. Others who have expertise in efficient distribution of broccoli for particular eastern markets are welcome to get in touch.

Contact:  Miguel Gómez, Cornell University


The project is primarily targeting regional supermarket chains that have only minor geographic overlap and that have strong locally grown programs.

Contact:   Miguel Gómez, Cornell University

Seed company

The breeding goal of the overall project is to provide growers with varieties that perform well in eastern growing conditions, with the principal challenge being the warm and humid summer. Existing industry partners are engaged in an integrated broccoli breeding program with the public breeders. Nevertheless, we are interested in partnering in other ways to help other companies release varieties that help eastern growers.

Contact:  Mark Farnham, USDA-ARS

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