Press Coverage

Newspapers (online editions):

Cornell Daily Sun. October 29, 2019. “Cornell-led Project Cultivates New $100 Million, Eastern Broccoli Industry” by Jun Oh Koo describes progress to the target broccoli production enabled by the project.

Portland Press Herald.  10 September 2017.  “Waste not when it comes to those broccoli leaves” by Christine Burns Rudalevige.

Charleston City Paper.  28 September 2016.Mark Farnham in Charleston City Paper   “Forget world peas, broccoli could be our saving grace” profiles Mark Farnham’s efforts to breed heat-resistant broccoli.

The New York Times Magazine. 1 November 2013. Broccoli’s Extreme Makeover by Michael Moss tells the story of one ad agency’s effort to develop a campaign to promote broccoli and includes a small reference to the broccoli project (“a tiny $3.2 million grant” funding research into locally adapted varieties).Clip of newspaper A scientist helps reinvent broccoli

The New York Times. 9 July 2013. “Cornell Scientist’s Quest: Perfect Broccoli” by Michael Moss.

Smoky Mountain News, May 23, 2012. “Burley and beef to broccoli and biofuel: Test farm plants seeds of new farm economy without forgetting its roots” by Quintin Ellison. The broccoli effort is mentioned in an article profiling one of our partnering research institutions.

McClatchy Washington Bureau, May 17, 2012. “Fruit, vegetable farmers work to keep what they’ve sown” by Michael Doyle.

Roanoke Times, August 7, 2011. “Bringing broccoli back East” by Lindsey Nair.

The Carroll News, December 8, 2010. “Broccoli initiative could spur local growth” by Allen Worrell.

Independent Mail, December 6, 2010. “Clemson researchers working to develop broccoli industry.”

Buffalo News, November 10, 2010. “Building a better broccoli” by Andrew Z. Galarneau.

Canandaigua Messenger Post, November 8, 2010. “Cornell, Ontario County farm help start Finger Lakes broccoli industry” by Julie Sherwood.

Cornell Daily Sun, November 2, 2010. “Cornell Leads Broccoli ‘Dream Team’ “ by Kayla Deleon.


USDA AgResearch Magazine. September 2017.  “Broccoli that can take the heat” by S. Durham profiles Mark Farnham’s work on characterizing genetic sources of heat tolerance.

Eating Well.  Sept-Oct 2017.  “The Broccoli Project” by Cbroccoli field accompanying articlehristine Burns Rudalevige.  Volume 16(5), pp. 94-101.

Time.  February 13, 2017.  “The science of making food taste better” on page  cites the Eastern Broccoli Project’s work on improved varieties.

Cornell Alumni Magazine.  September/October 2015.  Building a Better Broccoli by Beth Saulnier

periodiCALS.  Summer 2015.  Project:  Barriers to Expansion of Long Island Broccoli Production profiles intern Nicholas Karavolias, who surveyed Long Island growers to determine their level of interest in broccoli production.

Scientific American.  23 January 2014. Creating Tastier and Healthier Fruits and Veggies with a Modern Alternative to GMOs  by J. Ferris.

periodiCALS.  Fall 2013.  On pages 21 and 22, Complementary Angles by Ellen Leventry profiled between-department collaborators, including “The Physiologist and the Analyst”, Thomas Björkman and Miguel Gómez.

Cornell Alumni Magazine, May/June 2013. “Building a Better Broccoli” by Sharon Trevaskis.


Farm Talk with Maire Ullrich. October 30, 2019. WTBQ Warwick, NY. Why broccoli is a better opportunity for NY growers now.

Surprisingly Awesome podcast January 15, 2015 #6 Broccoli. Adam Davidson’s podcast explores the awesomeness of Brassica oleracea. Eastern broccoli covered 1:30 to 15:30.

Marketplace. March 27, 2012. What broccoli has to do with health care” Greg Warner asks Thomas Björkman why the Supreme Court has decided to pick on broccoli.

WRVO FM, Oswego, NY, November 21, 2011. “Scientists hope to bring broccoli growth east” by Adam Wolfe.

National Public Radio, All Things Considered, August 8, 2011.  “Eastern U.S. Farmers Hope to Break Into Broccoli Biz”.  Sandy Hausman interviewed Wythe Morris, Thomas Björkman, and growers.

WIOX FM, Roxbury, NY, The Farm Hour. August 8, 2011. Madalyn Warren interviewed Thomas Björkman.

SFN Today (Southern Farm Network), January 14, 2011. “More local broccoli coming to a farm near you.” Interview with Jeanine Davis.

WUNC, December 23, 2010. “Growing a broccoli economy”. Interview with Jeanine Davis by Rose Hoban.  

WHCU Ithaca, NY. November 2010. Interview with Thomas Björkman
by Syl Kacapyr.


PBS. December 30, 2015. “Broccoli Man“. Webextra for In Defense of Food. Produced by Kikim Media. Youtube version.

WHAM Rochester. November 3, 2010. “Broccoli: Area’s Next Cash Crop?”

Trade Publications

American Vegetable grower. August 29, 2018 “Check Out the Latest Broccoli Varieties” by Carol Miller. Describes several new releases for the East that were selected through our program.

American Vegetable grower. Feb, 27, 2018. “Eastern Broccoli Project Tracking New Growth” by Paul Rusnak

The Packer.  24 August 2016. “USDA grant could boost eastern broccoli production.”

American Vegetable grower. Feb 7, 2016. “The Eastern Broccoli Project moves forward” by .

Produce Business.  December 2012.  “The Eastern Broccoli Project:  a model for future collaborative projects” by Dave Diver.

Farm and Dairy. January 24, 2011. “Move over, California.  Broccoli Dream Team building East Coast production” by Darrin Youker.

Lancaster Farming. January 8, 2011. “A new breed of broccoli” by Maegan Crandall.

Southeast Farm Press. December 29, 2010. “Effort under way to grow East Coast broccoli industry” by Dave Caldwell, North Carolina State University.

Fresh Plaza. December 15, 2010. “US: Virginia Cooperative Extension evaluates broccoli varieties.”

The Packer. November 29, 2010. Crops & Markets: “Project looks to expand East Coast-grown broccoli” by Dave Ohlemeier.

Websites and Internet  Broccoli Research ongoing in South Carolina.  24 September 2013.  Broccoli Research Creates New Opportunity for State’s Farmers. undated.

Business Insider ( 9 September 2013. “Broccoli Could Be A Week Old When You Buy It On The East Coast – These Scientists Have A Solution” by Dina Spector.

Grist ( 10 July 2013. “Obama likes broccoli, and thanks to science, soon you will too” by Claire Thompson.

Evolution Blog ( 10 July 2013. “Yum! Broccoli” by Jason Rosenhouse.

Slate ( 9 July 2013. “Important Advances in Broccoli Science” by Matthew Yglesias.

Gizmodo ( 9 July 2013. “It Takes $5 Million and a Cornell Scientist to Create Perfect Broccoli” by Adam Clark Estes.

Planet Natural ( 9 July 2013. “New Hybrid Broccoli Controversy” by E. Vinje.

Beyond the rows ( 8 July 2013. “Enabling locally-grown broccoli in the Eastern U.S.” by ‘Monsantoco’.

Growing Produce, June 10, 2013. “Broccoli Production Moves East” by Christina Herrick.

Lancaster Online, March 23, 2013. “Eastern Broccoli Project Moves Closer to Reality” by Helen Margaret Griffiths.

The Epoch Times, January 24, 2013. “East Coast Wants in on the Broccoli Industry” by Kelly Ni.

Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit, 22 September 2011.  “Cornell Professors To Present At The New York Produce Show And Conference:  New Ways Of Thinking About Local: Can The East Coast Develop A Broccoli Industry?” Mira Slott interviewed Miguel Gómez and Thomas Björkman.

The Huffington Post. February 21, 2011. “Effort to Grow Broccoli on East Coast gets $5 Million Investment” by Steve Szkotak.

WXII The Triad and High Point Enterprise, December 9, 2010.
“Broccoli Initiative Could Spur Local Growth” by Allen Worrell.

University news releases:

October 17, 2019 Cornell Chronicle Online.  “Eastern Broccoli Project on track to meet $100M goal” by Krishna Ramanjuman

April 25, 2019. Lehigh News. “Locally Grown Produce: Are Buyers Willing to Forgo Quality?”  by Lauren Stralo

May 19, 2015.  Cornell Chronicle Online.  “Production of broccoli on East Coast proves viable” by Amanda Garris.

January 8, 2013.  Cornell Chronicle Online. “Study shows promise for East Coast broccoli industry” by Kate Frazer.

December 13, 2010. North Carolina State University. “Team Broccoli: Project seeks East Coast broccoli industry.”

December 13, 2010. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
“Virginia Cooperative Extension evaluates broccoli varieties for $4.9 million study on promising East Coast industry.”

December 4, 2010. Clemson University. “Broccoli project grows the economy.”

October 25, 2010. Cornell Chronicle Online. “CU-led team aims to develop $100M eastern broccoli industry.”

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