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Sugar Maple Research & Extension

Sweet Tree Seedlings

Sweet Trees

The Cornell University Uihlein Maple Research Forest has been working for decades to produce sugar maples of higher sap sweetness. These seedlings are the hand-picked progeny of trees selected from across the northeastern US in the 1960’s for their high sap sugar concentration. Clonal trees and progeny of the originally selected trees have been planted in seed orchards to allow the trees to cross pollinate with other sweeter sap maples. The result is maples with sweeter sap while maintaining a broad genetic diversity.

Seedlings are available for purchase from Forrest Keeling Nursery: Other methods of propagation and dissemination are being developed to provide maple producers with sweeter sap maples.

If you are looking for more information on Cornell Universities “super sweet” sugar maples reach out to the Uihlein Forest: or (518) 523-9337.







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