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Running a Maple Business


If you are looking for Beginner Information, access our beginner’s page:

Running a Maple Business

Sugarbush Lease Information
Buying and Selling Sap
Marketing Maple
Tubing and Vacuum
Managing Your Sugarbush
Additional Resources
Production Equipment
Maple Weekend
Forming Business Connections

Sugarbush Lease Information

The following links provide examples of sugarbush lease agreements.  These examples are provided for educational purposes only.


Economic Analysis: Leasing taps Vs. Managing for Sawtimber


“Are you interested in buying or selling sap?"

Access the Excel spreadsheet below that allows users to determine pricing and keep records for buying and selling sap.


The following article appeared in the February 2010 edition of The Maple News. It was written by Michael Farrell about making the decision to buy sap in order to benefit your business.


Guidebook for Whole Sale and Bulk Sale of Maple Products by Steve Childs for the NY Farm Viability Institute:


Guide Book, written by Jeffrey Perry and Stephen Childs for the NY Farm Viability Institute:





Find out more on the Sugarbush Management page:


There you will find: Sugarbush Management Notebook, useful tools assessing your woods, links to forest management websites, management for bird friendly maple, common sugarbush pests and diseases, and more.

Useful Documents

Planting Maple:

Link to Resources page

Find out for on the Maple Confections page:


There you will find: Maple Confections Notebook, Maple Sugar Informational Brochure, Instructional Videos, and more.

Info on forming business connections Link to New Product Development page access new industries
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