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Maple Syrup Production Research

Does taphole sanitation pay off? Cornell studies 5/16 set-ups, Stephen Childs and Aaron Wightman, Cornell Maple Program, 8 July 2019

Get it bubbling: Dissolved oxygen improves syrup quality, Aaron Wightman, Cornell Maple Program, 7 July 2019

It could be the T’s: Results on 3/16th testing by Cornell researchers find plugged T’s might be the cause of second year production drop off, Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program, 27 June 2019

Cornell study shows results from re-tapping holes, Stephen Childs and Aaron Wightman, Cornell Maple Program, 4 Dec. 2018

Tap hole sanitation research in the ’17 season: Test results show several important outcomes, Stephen Childs and Aaron Wightman, Cornell Maple Program, 28 Feb. 2018

Some confusion over IPA usage: Do not use isopropyl alcohol as a maple sanitizer in the United States, various contributors, March 2016

Update on Cornell tests on 3/16” maple tubing, Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program July 2015


Value-Added Research

Maple kombucha could be the next big thing, Ailis Clyne, Cornell Maple Program, 6 Sep. 2019

Making maple wine can be a new way to profits, Aaron Wightman, Cornell Maple Program, 13 Aug. 2019


Maple beverages offer another revenue stream: Cornell study beverage profits, Deborah Jeanne Sergeant, 8 May 2019

Candy Research, Part 2: Finding the right temp can help improve quality, Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program, Jan. 2016

Candy Research, Part 1: Improving your product, Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program, Nov. 2015

Maple candy research, Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program, Nov. 2015


From Small Farms Quarterly

Turning Maple Syrup Forests Into Bird-Friendly Habitat, Alison Haigh, 1 July 2019

Stability in Diversity: A Case Study of Birds in Sugarbushes, Anna Birn, 24 Apr. 2019

How About Those Woodlots; Can We Make Any Money From Them?, Rich Taber, 14 Jan. 2019

Maple and Birch Tapping Research Responds to Variable Climate, Kacey Deamer, 12 Dec. 2018

Video Series Shows How Farmers Can Profit From Forests, Kacey Deamer, 5 Nov. 2018

Low-Cost Fence Designs to Limit Deer Impacts in Woodlands and Sugarbushes, Peter Smallidge, 8 Jan. 2018

Working with Little Reverse Osmosis Units for Syrup Production, Stephen Childs, Tara Hammonds, 2 Oct. 2017

Maining a Healthy Sugarbush, Peter Smallidge, Tara Hammonds, 3 Apr. 2017

Cornell Institute for Climate Change & Agriculture: Cornell Maple, Carli Fraccarolli, 26 Feb. 2016

Tapping Walnut Trees for a Novel and Delicious Syrup Michael Farrell, Tara Hammonds, 11 Jan. 2016

Learn all about Maple Sugaring (online course), Steve Gabriel, 21 Dec. 2015

Strategies to Control American Beech and Other Forest Species, Peter Smallidge, Tara Hammonds, 5 Oct. 2015

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Producing Birch Syrup, Michael Farrell, Tara Hammonds, 6 Apr. 2015


Coverage of the Cornell Maple Program in other news sources

Sweetening the climate change deal The News House, Megan Falk, 30 May 2019

Turning Maple Syrup Forests Into Bird-Friendly Habitat, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Alison Haigh, 31 Mar. 2019

The Science of Maple Syrup: From Tree to Pancake Stack and Everything in Between, The Cornell Daily Sun, Abigail Bezrutczyk, 11 Mar. 2019

UP CLOSE: Maple research center has new director, Lake Placid News, Griffin Kelly, 1 Mar. 2019

The hectic collection of sap, Utica Observer-Dispatch, Joseph Labernik, 12 Feb. 2019

Cornell study aims to improve, protect Northeast sugar maples, The Ithaca Voice, Alyvia Covert, 29 Mar. 2018

Climate Change Could Mean Less Maple Syrup For Your Pancakes, NPR, Jodi Helmer, 12 Feb. 2018

Update on Cornell Maple Program Tests on 3/16” Maple Tubing, The Pipeline, Stephen Childs, Summer 2015

Will maple days move from March to January with global warming?, Science X, Kara Dunn, 25 Mar. 2008


Other Maple Related Highlights

Operation Mountain Grown: Veterans Growing Food, Jobs and Futures in Coal Country, Suzanne Pender, 2 July 2018

Governor Cuomo Announces New York State Grown & Certified Program Expands to Maple Industry, New York State, 20 Feb. 2018

Diversified Portfolio: Not Just for Wall Street, Mason Donovan, 1 July 2013

USDA Rural Development Grant Makes Chautauqua County Maple Producer More Energy Efficient, Rachel Whiteheart, 4 July 2010

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