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Uihlein Forest Syrup and Products

Uihlein Forest Store

Looking to enjoy the best sweetener on earth? As part of our research efforts at the Uihlein Sugar Maple Research Field Station in Lake Placid, NY we produce and sell delicious Adirondack maple and birch syrup. Maple and birch syrup produced at the Uihlein Sugar Maple Field Station are sold as a means of supporting our maple and agroforestry research and education efforts. Maple and birch syrup, and specialty lumber are available for purchase from our store at 157 Bear Cub Lane, Lake Placid, New York, 12946 or by contacting us to place an online order.

Contact us at: 518-523-9337 or or stop by for a visit, 157 Bear Cub Ln, Lake Placid, NY 12946.

If shipping: once you receive an invoice, payment may be made on-line, at this link.

Shipping Syrup

$50 minimum for shipping orders of syrup.

To place an order, email: or call (518) 523-9337 with a list of what you would like and shipping address. An invoice will be sent and your order will ship after we receive payment on-line or with a check. Orders must be a total of $50 or more and shipped to one location. Shipping costs are included for addresses in the contiguous United States.

Availability and prices are subject to change.

Discounts may be available for bulk orders and long term purchase contracts. Looking for party favors or corporate gifts? Contact us for options.

Maple Syrup:

1/2 Pint maple syrup – $10 ea

1 Pint maple syrup – $20 ea

1 Quart maple syrup – $30 ea

1/2 Gallon maple syrup  – $45 ea

1 Gallon maple syrup – $70 ea

 Maple syrup is not just for your pancakes. Check out these great maple recipe ideas.


Birch Syrup:

Glass bottle
100ml (3.4 oz) $15 ea.

Glass bottle with pour spout
250ml (8.5 oz) $25 each

Inquire about larger quantities.

Birch syrup is made by tapping birch trees and boiling down the sap into syrup much like our maple syrup. However, the flavor is very unique. Birch syrup has a robust flavor reminiscent of a fruity molasses.

It is best used as a marinade, salad dressing, condiment for sandwiches, or glaze. Birch sap is collected in the spring right after the maples stop flowing. Sap sweetness of birch sap is very low requiring a sap to syrup ratio of 100:1 instead of a 40:1 ratio of sap to syrup for maple trees.

The culinary possibilities to be creative with this unique flavor are endless.

Visit our birch recipe page for more ideas.


Specialty Maple Lumber

The Uihlein Forest also supplies woodworkers and customers with specialty maple lumber. Taphole lumber is a culturally rich product milled from tapped sugar maples that have reached the end of their life. This lumber beautifully preserves the memory of the past sugarmakers through the color and arrangement of a century of tap holes giving a wonderful distressed look. Tapholes can be left open in the final product or filled with epoxy for a smooth surface. We offer custom cut taphole lumber and intact sawlogs.

Please contact us at 518-523-9337 or for more information about purchasing taphole lumber.



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