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Items of Interest:


Intro to Maple Syrup Production, now open for Registration

Cornell Small Farms is once again offering the course, Intro to Maple Syrup Production: Sugaring for Profit. This course is instructed by Adam Wild, director of the Uihlein Maple Research Forest in Lake Placid, and co-director of the Cornell Maple Program.

Live webinars will be held on Thursday evenings, from 7pm – 8:30pm EST from Nov. 5 – Dec. 17 (no class will be held Thanksgiving weekend). All webinars are recorded and links provided to registrants.

Learning Objectives include:

  • Identify the potential opportunities for producing maple sap and syrup on your land
  • Develop and manage a forest stand for optimal maple sap production and long-term health and productivity
  • Understand the costs and benefits of utilizing buckets, bags, gravity tubing, or vacuum enhanced tubing systems to gather sap
  • Design a maple tubing system to achieve maximum sap yields in a cost-effective manner
  • Understand the pros and cons and logistics of buying sap or leasing taps as a means of expanding your production
  • Process sap into syrup in a cost-effective manner that is appropriate for the size of the operation
  • Filter, package, and label maple syrup for sale according to the new grading system developed by the International Maple Syrup Institute

Register now with the link above.


Virtual Fall Maple Workshop Series – Register Now!

The Cornell Maple Program is offering six online workshops this fall.  Each course features a selection of self-guided materials including narrated presentations, videos and articles, followed by a live question and answer session.  Learn at your own pace from the safety of home, then dial in for the discussion with Cornell experts and fellow sugar makers.  Upon registering you will be directed to a website for downloading course materials.  These materials will be made available 2 weeks prior to the question and answer sessions.

Workshop sessions and schedule:

Assessing your sugarbush and maintaining forest health – Register here
Live discussion – September 23 @ 7pm

Maple confections and new product opportunities – Register here
(Rescheduled) Live discussion September 30 @ 7pm

Setting up a maple tubing system  – Register here
Live discussion – October 14 @ 7pm

Strategies for regenerating a healthy sugarbush – Register here
Live discussion – October 28 @ 7pm 

Tips for top quality, high flavor syrup – Register here
Live discussion – November 11 @ 7pm

Maximizing production in your sap collection system – Register here
Live discussion – November 24 @ 7pm



Students Research Maple Beer

The growing craft beverage industry presents an opportunity to create mass appeal for maple flavored beers.  Working with students and researchers at Cornell University, the maple team is developing recommendations and best practices for brewing with maple syrup.

This spring, the Cornell Maple Program engaged a group of seniors in the Department of Food Science to research basic maple brewing principles and develop sample recipes for two styles of ale. Their work provides details on methods for maximizing maple flavor and formulating a high quality brew.  The complete report can be viewed at the link below


New Video

With COVID-19 preventing large gatherings, we have been working hard to produce content that can be viewed remotely, helping maple producers learn from a distance. We’ve just produced a video on how to test invert sugars in syrup – the first in a new series of videos for Beginner Maple Producers. Check out our new video below, and subscribe to the Arnot Forest YouTube Channel to keep up to date with all Cornell Maple Program videos.


Intro to Invert Sugar Testing

New Notebook

The latest volume in the Cornell Maple Program Notebook series is now available for free download. In this volume, Sugarbush Management Notebook, topics range from improvement thinnings, to regeneration, to pest and disease control, and leasing the sugarbush. Additionally, there is a new tool available on the “Sugarbush Management” page of the CMP website to follow along with the Notebook and access external resources (link below).



The Sugarbush Management Notebook will also be made available for a fee in print format in the near future. Access the PDF below. To find the rest of the Notebooks in the series, along with an order form for print copies, access the “Notebook Series” page of the CMP website. This page can be found under the “Maple Resources” drop-down in the Navigation Menu located at the top and bottom of this page. Additionally, a link to the page is conveniently located below.


2020 New York State Maple Tour Has Been Canceled

Look for us again in 2021

Maple Soda

Carbonated beverages are a massive market segment that remains largely untapped by the maple industry. While mainstream soda companies have seen declining sales, the craft beverage industry is undergoing rapid growth. Demand for specialty, artisanal, and small-batch sodas is largely driven by the use of “all-natural” sweeteners such as pure cane sugar, stevia, and honey. Craft sodas capture a premium price at market- often three times as much as traditional sodas. In cooperation with the Cornell Department of Food Science and the Food Venture Center, the Cornell Maple Program has developed guidance to help maple producers break into this profitable industry. To learn more, access the document below.

Maple Wine

Did you know that maple syrup can be used to make a delicious wine?  The Cornell Maple Program now has detailed information and instructions for maple wine production available free for download.  These guidelines provide background information on choosing the right yeast, fermentation dynamics, and amendments to improve flavor. Information regarding regulations and licenses for commercial wine production is also outlined. Check out the guidebook: Maple Wine 101.


Maple Sports Gel

The sports nutrition market is a growing industry with potential opportunities for maple products.  One area well-suited to maple is the sports gel product segment.  This winter the Cornell Maple Program worked with the Cornell Department of Food Science to develop a maple sports gel formulation.  The resulting product is a maple syrup-based nutrition supplement in a single serve foil pack with added electrolytes and a favorable flavor.  For more information, check out the Maple Performance Gel Report:


New Resource for Beginners

Cornell’s popular maple notebook series has been expanded to include a notebook for those new to the maple industry.  The Maple Syrup Production Beginner’s Notebook is available for free download on the Downloadable Publications page linked in the menu bar at the top of the page.  This guidebook provides information on a broad selection of topics essential for new maple producers.  








The Cornell Maple program has produced a series of videos covering a wide variety of maple related topics.  The videos can be accessed on YouTube by searching for Cornell Maple or by clicking here.

Maple Syrup Production for the Beginner by Stephen Childs and the Cornell Maple Program is now available on youtube.  This video series provides an overview of all aspects of maple syrup production.


Marketing Maple

The following video, produced by the Cornell Maple Program, provides an overview of marketing concepts useful for maple producers.

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