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Maple Recipes

Dressings | Sauces, Frostings, Icings, and Cream
Main Dishes | Candies | Desserts |Add flavor to…
Cooking Tips

Maple Nutritional and Storage Information

These recipes came from the following sources: Cornell Extension Bulletin 985, “Using Maple Syrup”, by Burns and Personius; Dept. of Conservation Mimeo Leaflet No. 2, prepared by NYS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University and NYS Department of Conservation; 1978 Wyoming County Maple Producers Assoc, Inc brochure;1982 Wyoming County Maple Producers Assoc, Inc brochure; Hilda Stout; Linda Emerson; Dorotha Harris; Anna Vossler; Eleanor Wesche. We would like to thank Cynthia Dimon for collecting these recipes.

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