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  Cornell University

Cornell Maple Program

Sugar Maple Research & Extension

Instructional Videos

MAPLE YouTube Videos

YouTube videos that were produced by
USDA with presentations by Mike Farrell and Stephen Childs

Useful YouTube Channels:


First Things First

Why Sap Runs in a Maple Tree
Identifying a Sugar Maple Tree

For More Beginner Content, see our Beginner’s Page:


Collecting Sap

Collecting Sap with a Bucket
Collecting Sap with a Bag
Tube Collection
Collecting Sap with Vacuum Tubing
Sap Collection House
Remote Monitoring Systems


Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis?
Reverse Osmosis for Maple
Reverse Osmosis for Maple Option 2
Reverse Osmosis for Maple Option 3
Small Scale Reverse Osmosis


Making Syrup

The Evaporation Process
Filtering and Finishing Maple Syrup
Grading Maple Syrup


Other Products from Your Woods

Sap Flow in Walnut Trees
Collecting Walnut Sap with a Bucket
Maple vs. Walnut
Walnut Syrup and Nut Allergies
Tap Hole Maple Lumber
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