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The search for a work space and it’s application in matching markets

In the article on “Finding a good place to study”, mentions common sense individuality in preference in work spaces and I saw these individual values in the spaces, especially in a college setting, applicable in some ways to matching markets. Some students, including me, like working in spaces where there are few to none students […]

Network Effects in Online Sales Network effects describe the benefits we can incur when we align our behavior with the behavior of others around us, and as such, they help to explain why individuals will often imitate the behavior of others. Network effects arise in our daily transactions and decisions all the time, and perhaps one of the most […]

SIR Model, Epidemics, and Social Media

Modelling of information diffusion on social networks with applications to WeChat: In the context of network, similarities and differences exist between the diffusion of information and spreading of disease among population. Both processes exhibit some mechanisms of diffusion, and the spreading depends on local as well as global network structure. In the lecture, we […]

Game Theory and its Relation to Cancer Treatment The following article discusses the topic of cancer treatment methods in today’s modern society. The difference is that the author then presents this topic through the lens of how it relates to game theory. According to the author of the journal article, consistent therapy for disseminated cancer is to an extent necessary and shows signs […]

Bayes Rule and Hot Hand   The well known Hot-Hand is the event where if someone experiences a successful outcome, it is supposedly more likely for them to experience success in later attempts. Over the years, researchers such as Tom Gilovich (Cornell University), have dismissed the phenomenon as fallacious. The idea of the hot hand phenomenon comes from basketball, […]

Brexit – Leveraging Game Theory to Pass EU Deal in Parliament

In 2016, with the successful passing of a referendum in the British Parliament, the United Kingdom (U.K.) voted to begin the separation process from the European Union (EU), known to many as “Brexit.” This past week, the proposed separation deal was approved by a majority of EU leaders, putting the fate of the legislation, and […]

Maine’s New Ranked Choice Voting System

Article Link: In 2016, Maine residents voted for an new scheme of voting called Ranked Choice Voting to replace plurality voting. This system allowed voters to vote this year in many of their elections by ranking the candidates rather than just choosing one person. If no single candidate receives a majority of the first […]

Method of Majority Voting

In class, we saw how the method of majority voting can fail with more than two alternatives to chose from. This system seems simple because the winning option is determined by whichever is most favorable for the greatest number of people. However, this ranking system gets tricker with more options. This is known as the […]

Network Effects in Tech Companies It’s becoming more and more true today that an increased user-base benefits not only the company in question but also the individual members within the said user-base. Here, we observe a textbook case of network effects: each new user adds more value to the good or service and in turn makes the experience better […]

Twitter Bots and Information Cascade In the article “How Twitter bots get people to spread fake news”, the author describes how some posts on twitter are shared by twitter bots so that the content “appear popular enough that human users would trust it and share it more widely”. These bots will promote low-credability posts by giving the “first big push”, […]

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