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The Beanie Babies Effect   The Beanie Babies Effect   Beanie Babies, a plush toy made by Ty, Inc., were a craze in the late 1990s.  Everyone had to get their hands on them.  Their resale value was high because of the toys’ popularity. They were adorable and appealed to consumers back then.  The craze started in Chicago and […]

Information Cascades in Country Governments, Decisions and Culture

Recently, a new series of Middle Eastern Alliances has begun to form in response to former deteriorating alliances and new civil wars. Overall, many proxy wars are currently being fought primarily between Saudi Arabia and Iran forcing neighboring countries to take sides. For example, in Yemen, Iran has been backing Houthi rebels while Saudi Arabia […]

Game Theory in Trade Wars   This article analyzes the current trade war between the United States and China in terms of game theory. The author first gives some background on the situation, describing how both countries have implemented tariffs on most goods produced by the other. They then question why a trade war can start so quickly but […]

2018 Voting   This year, the US midterm elections saw a huge increase in voter turnout with over a 30% increase compared to just 4 years ago. Various articles highlight the increase in voting in various districts, specifically emphasizing the unusually high voter turnout, with estimates even higher than “lower-turnout presidential elections.” As the nation has […]

How technology disrupted the truth?

In the article titled “How technology disrupted the truth” in The Guardian (, Katherine Viner illustrates what an important role information cascade plays in changing the practice of journalism. The author highlights how the time of social media has shifted the focus of journalism from content to clicks and shares. Online journalism rakes revenue from […]

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